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Almost All About Polish Verbs

by Dorota Drewnowska and Malgorzata Kujawska
ISBN 83-905361-0-2

For use by both the serious student of Polish as a foreign language and TPFL instructors, Almost All About Polish Verbs takes the 100 most frequently used Polish verbs, ordered according to their textual frequency rather than alphabetically, and cross references them by indices.

Build your verbal vocabulary!

Almost All About Polish Verbs includes 24 conjugation tables, breaking the code of the Polish conjugation pattern by revealing the secrets of Polish conjugation rules. A syntactic dictionary defining the 100 most frequently used verbs with textual illustrations makes this a detailed inflectional and syntactic lexicon.

Flex your Polish!

So if your Polish is a bit flabby, this straightforward guide is just what the doctor ordered - Professor Marek Swidzinski of Warsaw University, that is. Almost All About Polish Verbs is an essential tool for your daily Polish workout.

"From the very beginning"

Compact disc

Every foreign language appears to be difficult in the beginning, and Polish is no exception. This disc is designed for you, the beginning student of Polish, to help you practice the pronunciation of letters, words and structures between your regularly scheduled lessons.

The objective of "From the very beginning" is to provide you with listen and repeat drills of the most frequently used words and structures including the Polish alphabet, cardinal numbers and conjugation of the most frequently used verbs. Emphasis on past and present tenses, adverbs, adjectives and nouns encourages the beginning student to ask and understand questions, and complete sentences.

"From the very beginning" comes complete with a supporting script so you can follow the compact disc. Michael, our English speaking host, will be your quide in the process of learning the intricacies of this lanquage called Polish.