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Are you ready for an Intensive Summer of Extreme Polish?

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IKO's Intensive Summer Courses in Warsaw are dedicated to students who want to rapidly grasp the essentials of the Polish language or desire to improve their Polish through a full immersion experience.

IKO's immersion program embodies not only language instruction, but incorporates elements of culture and history as well in a Total Holiday Learning Experience.

Our instructors make the language come alive by incorporating short field trips, visit in museum, sightseeing into all of IKO's intensive courses. We believe students achieve the best comprehension of the Polish language through actively learning by speaking, listening and discussing.

The group lessons offer the additional advantage of sharing the language learning experience with students from different countries.

The maximum number of students in each group is 8. Polish is spoken in each class from day one.

Ready to enlist? Then call us at +48 22 826-2259 and 828-5267 or e-mail: iko@iko.com.pl