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Prepare to Become Certifiably Polish


Youve worked hard to achieve your level of proficiency in the Polish language. Now you can have your achievement recognized by taking the ECL Exam - the uniform language test for the EU-sponsored Certificate of Achievement in Modern Languages.


ECL testing ensures equivalency and standarization of testing the official languages of the European Union. By taking part in the certification process, you demonstrate to the world your certifiable language skills. You may benchmark Polish language to English, German, Hungarian, Swedish, Portuguese and many others languages.

Testing. One, two, three...

We offer a prep course to prior to the exam dates , and for those of you who wish to discuss the testing process, you can contact Malgosia Kujawska at +48 22 826 22 59 or iko@iko.com.pl. To register for the ECL exam online visit the ECL website at www.ecl-test.com