IKO - over 20 years of teaching polish language

IKO who?

Who are we?

IKO is a private school registered with the Ministry of Education to teach Polish as a Second Language. Established in February 1994 by Dorota Drewnowska and Malgosia Kujawska, all management and teaching staff have extensive training and experience in developing Language Programs for foreign individuals who are visiting or working in Poland. IKO instructors are carefully recruited, trained and monitored to maintain the high level of quality that more than 2,500 students from across Europe, Asia and North America have come to expect. In 2001 IKO was designated the National Exam Center ECL in Poland by the European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages.

Why are we?

Our adventure with teaching Polish began in 1990 when we were responsible for the creation of a Polish language training program for American Peace Corps volunteers. This wonderful and exciting opportunity allowed us to develop a totally new approach to teaching Polish, and to test and refine it in practice sessions with large groups of students. The result of this experience was the foundation of the IKO program, followed by the opening of IKOs school to create an independent space for further experimentation in teaching Polish as a foreign language based on our newly developed communicative approach.

What do we do?

group courses (intensive and non-intensive) and special individual courses to meet the specific needs of the learners of Polish.